rational way

GRADIENT process technology GmbH has many years of experience in development and realization of special projects. The activities cover technology, nutrition and production. Development, economy and sustainability are our major concerns and we call it the rational way.


Gradient's technological activities comprise of

process engineering environmental protection and energy optimization.

We consider a sustainable development on the basis of integrated systems.


Process water reuse system in a plastic bottle recycling site
water recycling
Demineralization in the food industry
Biogas from whey
Recover of minerals
resource recovery

Rational Way Production and Supply

Gradient has many years of experience in technology, nutrition and production which is the basis for the development, realization and supply of products with optimized resources management.

We follow a new concept which is called

RATIONAL WAY rational way

This concept considers following issues:

  • Quality and economy
  • Low energy and resources input
  • Low environmental impact.

On the basis of these criteria we have developed a


This particular product with a specific texture is nutritionally well balanced and contains no additives or chemicals. It has a very low ecological footprint (for example greenhouse gas emission ca. 1,4 kg CO2 per kg product) with optimized packaging.

rational way

Sugar reduction in fruit juices

New process for the production of apple juice with reduced sugar content (-30%). No biochemical transformations of sugars and no byproducts. The juice remains naturally.

sugar reduction in fruit juices